Using the Service

All users of Meridian Online must be registered. You are only required to register once at which time you choose a User ID and password for accessing the service. Registered users may access Meridian Online data as a subscriber or a pay-by-the-report user. To prevent unauthorized use of your account, it is advised that you log out of the service at the end of the session using the Log Out button at the top right corner of the screen.

Downloading Reports

Reports may be downloaded by clicking on the Download Table (or Download Graph) button at the bottom of each report. After downloading the report, save the file with the appropriate extension (for example to save as an Excel file, save the file as 'file name'.xls). Choose 'All Types' under File Type and click on Save. Graphs may be saved as GIF Image files.

Printing Reports

A printer-friendly version of each report may be obtained by clicking on the Printable Version button at the bottom left corner of each report. When printing it is best to use Landscape mode to ensure that the entire report is printed.

Customer Support

If you encounter technical problems accessing or using the service, please send e-mail to For all other questions, call (214) 283-8468 or send e-mail to










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